Butterfly Tattoos - Openly Accepting Change

Change is an important and indispensable part of life. In fact, there is the idea that the only thing that is certain is change. Everyone experiences changes daily. Some individuals notice it others do not. Those that do may either accept it or actively exert effort to resist it. The butterfly tattoos are for those that accept change and may even welcome it whole - heartedly. This body art pattern is indicative of this since its main design is that of a creature which is usually associated with change. Butterfly tattoos are prolific among individuals who have a close connection with change.

Butterfly tattoos have deep symbolism. This is based on the life cycle of the creature that is featured. It is known that all butterflies begin as pupa. They then undertake a process of radical transformation and end up becoming the colorful creatures that are usually seen gardens. Many are even amazed that something that a pupa with its appearance and characteristics end up as a magnificent butterfly. It is the epitome of the universal fact of change.

When individuals get butterfly tattoos, they often consider this idea. Having a butterfly pattern on one's skin is usually a representation that the person that has it has some connection with the idea and experience of change. They may have gotten that tattoo to celebrate change and how it makes life interesting, diverse and unpredictable. That may also stand for their acceptance of the changes that life may bring especially to them and everything they know.

A butterfly tattoo on a person's back or arm may mean that the person which has it is undergoing radical changes in their life or have already gone through such an experience. The butterfly design is used to represent the ability of a person to endure and go through significant changes in their life. Change is not in itself bad or harmful rather it is the consequences that it brings that may be a boon or a bane.

When people get butterfly tattoos, this may imply that they seek, want and even need change. The said pattern is well-known for embodying that. This can also be considered that getting this kind of body art is a radical shift in one's life. Getting a tattoo is a unique and uncommon form of expression. For individuals to get one especially that of a butterfly this shows the extent by which they have undertaken to have change in their lives.


Best Butterfly Tattoo Designs

The butterfly has always been admired for their beauty as one of the most magnificent creations on Earth. A wide variety of butterfly tattoo designs are available at the professional tattoo parlor which can be altered according to your desire and need.

Butterflies have been associated with beauty and renewed life in many culture throughout the world trough ages. Beauty and femininity goes hand in hand, therefore life cycle of a butterfly is often compared with that of a woman. As a woman grows up form a girl to beautiful women in the same manner butterfly also grows rather awkwardly into a beautiful creation. A butterfly tattoo is done by immense detailing so as to beautify it like real ones.

Different methods are involved to make the butterfly tattoo more intricate and beautiful. The main focus is laid on the designing of its wings with intricate patterns that makes each butterfly unique and special. The patterns are changed keeping in mind the personality of the individual and they may also include different signs, words or symbols as the case may be.

While getting a butterfly tattooed you can use a wide array of colors with no restrictions, as a butterfly is associated with colors and life. The individual can pick the color combination of their own choice as it will add to the uniqueness of your personality and creativity. This helps in expressing oneself. One thing to be kept in mind is that you should not use clashing colors. Follow a definite line of choosing a base color first and then the other colors you want to incorporate. You can also take help of the professional tattoo artist to help in choosing colors which compliment each other.

The basic quality of a butterfly tattoo is that even if you place it at any part of the body it always appears to be delicate and attractive, which increases its popularity manifolds. These tattoos also vary in sizes depending upon the body part you want to get it tattooed, like an ankle butterfly tattoo is smaller while the back butterfly is bigger in size. You can easily get a wide variety of styles, shapes and sizes to be tattooed often confusing you. Apart from the thousands of butterfly tattoo designs there is always a scope for creating your own unique design.


Butterfly Tattoos - Aesthetic and Cultural Icon

Butterfly tattoos are challenging to make and etch on a person's skin. Other tattoo patterns are easier to make and use. There is much to be considered with this particular design. The facets of this design, taken together makes it a very appealing and widely used. Butterfly tattoos stand out when compared to others. This has led artists and fans to prefer this over other potential tattoos. These tattoos are cherished for more than their color and beauty. This means that there is more to this tattoo pattern than meets the eye.

There are many kinds of butterflies found all over the world. Each one is a good basis for a tattoo. This has also significantly affected butterfly tattoos. Each piece is different from others. This mirrors the diversity among butterflies. The style of the tattoo artists as well as the taste of the individuals getting the tattoo makes each piece unique rare. This is the case even if it was made by the same person. This closely reflects the notion that butterflies, even if they are recreations, embody diversity.

Butterfly tattoos are not among the easiest to make. It is demanding in skill and artistry. In most cases, the maker of the pattern to be used and the artists who will etch it unto a person's skin is two different people. The more ornate and special designs are often made by illustrators for use by tattoo artists. The creation of the pattern could demand skill and aesthetic sense that is not common among tattoo artists. This emphasizes the need for illustrators to make the said pattern.

A butterfly tattoo can serve many artistic purposes. It can be the foremost pattern on a person's skin. This means that as a tattoo it is the main design. However, this kind of tattoo can be employed for other purposes. They can be used as part of other tattoos or as parts of a larger and more colorful pattern. An example of this is their use along with plants and flower patterns. In either case, they are colorful, intriguing and usually intricate in their artistry.

The over-all appeal of butterfly tattoos are the meaning linked to it. Going beyond the fact that it is a form of body art, there is an idea behind it. This varies depending on which perspective one is using. Aside from this, the individual who has this kind of tattoo has his or her own personal meaning to the piece on his or her body. It can be linked to anything that is relevant to the person. This may also be the same concept of a culture or religion. In fact, the butterfly and recreations of it is used to symbolize life, the inevitability of change, the human soul and other ideas.


Butterfly Tattoos - Femininity of Butterflies

Butterfly tattoos are very popular among tattoo lovers and artists. Its beauty and intricacies have made it into a viable representation of the feminine nature. This may be the reason why most of them are on the bodies of women. They can be seen on arms and torso. The elegant pattern used made it very enticing to tattoo fans. However, among all other connections women have the deepest link to this tattoo design. This is not just because of the beauty it is known. There is a more considerable basis that should be considered.

There are many compelling reasons why butterfly tattoos are best suited for women. It can be contended that the creature it features has traits that are strikingly similar to women. Their variety, wonder and beauty are no different from what women are known for. The attitudes and usual way women act can be likened to the butterfly. However, more than the apparent traits of butterflies the elegance of the colors as well as their diversity can also be the same as the depth of personality and character women have.

There are many aspects to butterflies. They greatly vary from one another, both in appearance and nature. Each has a very interesting narrative behind how it came to being. These inherent traits that they possess make them creatures associated to femininity. This has led to butterfly tattoos being used to represent this notion. Women who opt to have this body art pattern agree with, affirm and exhibit this idea. This is one of the deeper motivations that are behind the intent to get this kind of tattoo.

There are many aspects of the nature of the butterfly that are not seen or widely known. They are very intriguing creatures in this sense. In fact, they are more known for their attributes that can be seen. When a person gets a butterfly tattoo it also symbolizes the idea that the said person is more than what other initially see. The idea of depth and being multi - faceted of butterflies is also linked to the same traits in women.

Radical changes and instant shifts are represented by butterfly tattoos. The metamorphosis of a pupa into a beautiful butterfly is akin to the transformation of a girl into a beautiful lady. The acquisition of beauty and the beauty of the nature of women are similar to the phases of change a butterfly undergoes. When ladies get this tattoo, this is a validation of another aspect of femininity. When this pattern is used it is meant to symbolize this, which is another important aspect of feminine nature.


Butterfly Tattoos - The Struggle to Achieve

People strive towards many things. These goals are usually a product of a person's ambitions. Almost everyone has dreams and these usually are made or set by them for various reasons. Butterflies are a good animal symbolism for one's aspirations. This also means that to dream and follow such dreams is represented by butterfly tattoos. In many ways butterfly tattoos are like a person's dreams and aspirations. This also includes the importance of having dreams and reaching for it. However, the question is why butterflies get equated with dreams.

The reality of a butterfly as a creature is part of the reason why it is used to symbolize dreams and the pursuit of the same. Butterflies have considerable variety, color and interesting lives. This can be likened to how an individual is made unique by his or her motivations. The pursuit of a person of his or her goals in life is like the pupa's pursuit to be a butterfly. The movement towards objectives is an integral part of being human. This has led to the use of symbolism such as butterfly tattoos to be used.

It is a clear and direct expression of belief in dreams when people have butterfly tattoos. This also outlines the value of such as well as the importance of pursuing them. This also affirms that having to follow dreams is not easy and is always difficult journeys. Radical and challenging change is needed to be undertaken to be able to attain one's aspirations. The magnificent butterfly had to struggle as a pupa to become such. Transcending one's limits is also something that the butterfly represents.

Butterfly tattoos also allude to freedom as a means to any goal and as a goal in itself. People have their own goals in life but to achieve that requires having the liberty to pursue them. Butterflies, which the tattoos are based on, are closely associated with the idea of freedom and attaining the same. Its life is a constant struggle to be free to fully realize its own potential. This culminates into the colorful creature everyone recognizes. There is a secondary symbolism linked to it. The act of getting it is also a powerful expression of freedom.


Butterfly Tattoos - The Reality of Change

Life is all about change. The former significantly involves the latter. Change can be found can be found in every aspect of existence. Individuals undergo it or strive for it. Some reject it while others celebrate it. Those who are against it fight it while those who are open to it allow their lives to be pervaded by it. Butterfly tattoos are the foremost body art that represents the idea and reality of change. The butterfly as a creature can be equated to it. The artistic creation based on it is associated similarly. Butterfly tattoos are widely present on the bodies of people who identify themselves with change.

There is great significance connected to butterfly tattoos. In particular, the existence of the animal it is based on is the common emblem used to embody the reality of change. More than this it also represents the need to go through change and the difficulty of the same. This is especially true for those that completely alter a person's life. The sudden change of a pupa into a butterfly is the source of awe for many. This outlines the fact that all change is awe - inspiring, and this small creature represents this.

The choice of people to get butterfly tattoos would always involve the idea of change. A butterfly on a person's shoulder or back usually means that the person who has it as a deep and person experience of change in their life. This is an affirmation as to the necessity and beauty of change. It makes life unpredictable, varied and wonderful. A tattoo of this kind is a reflection of this. A person who opts for this tattoo not only adopts this notion but also accepts this fact of life.

People who are in the state of transition or whose lives are being radical transformed by change would often get a butterfly tattoo. This pattern is a good symbol to stand for the strength and will to face changes and is consequences. This idea is the usual thought behind most if not all tattoos of this sort being inscribed in people's skin. This does not mean that change is bad. It is a part of life; hence it cannot be judged as something good or evil. It is part of nature.


Sexy Butterfly Tattoos - Add a Feminine Flutter in Ink

The meaning of persons lives are often found in the pursuit of an ideal or an ambition. These are usually simply pursuits or the drive towards the main purpose of a person's life. These define individuals and even compel them to become better. Butterfly tattoos symbolize this very well. The creature it is based on is known for the drive to attain purpose or the realization of one's potential. Since butterflies and butterfly tattoos embody change, this usually is change in the form of development. This means change with a goal in mind.

Many believe that dreams are like butterflies. This is perhaps the reason why people associate butterfly tattoos with goals and aspirations. The variety of what people dream and are motivated to achieve is the same as the different kinds of butterflies. They are unique and very interesting. Each has a compelling story behind it. Dreams are ideas until they are realized. A pupa is not a butterfly until it transforms into that. This is a change unique t butterflies are used to represent the actualization of dreams. It also alludes to the change people undergo so that they can attain their goals.

Butterfly tattoos are also used by individuals to represent the adversity and challenge an individual need to face and overcome so that they may pursue and achieve their aspirations. The wonderful creature that it features is known to go through arduous states before becoming a magnificent butterfly. This is no different from the struggle of a person to see his or her dream become a reality. The butterfly also teaches individuals that limits and boundaries have to be surpassed so that a person may fully achieve their potential.

Butterflies and butterfly tattoos also represent liberation. They symbolize the attainment of freedom, which is often the achievement of one's dreams. Dreams remain ideas and concepts so long as the person that has them is confined and restrained from attaining them. The butterfly shows individuals a good example of the need and strength to be free to pursue one's dreams. In certain cases, freedom is both a means to achieve dreams as well as an achievement itself. Butterflies represent both notions as well.


Butterfly Tattoos - Creature of Spirituality

There is the notion that each individual has a spirit. This is the unseen and intangible yet vital to human existence. This concept is virtually universal and is widely embraced by many. This key idea in almost every society is also the subject of much consideration and symbolism. To this end, certain creatures are used to represent it. This has given rise to butterfly tattoos being used for this. The creature butterfly tattoos become more than just a piece of art. It serves a more meaningful purpose than that. Every tattoo is more than a patten found on a person's body.

The small fluttering creatures that butterfly tattoos are based on are closely associated with the soul of man. Both Western and Eastern cultures make this connection. From the Irish and Greeks to the Mexicans, Africans and Japanese, all share this idea. This notion is not confined in a few but is virtually found within the belief system of every community. The colorful body art this constitutes is used to represent and refer to the human soul. This is regardless of perspective chosen.

Butterflies have a wondrous uniqueness. They are determined yet fragile creatures. They naturally are made for change, and this makes them dynamic and diverse. No one is certain of the detailed nature and attributes of the soul. However, this can be inferred from the usual manifestation of it - personality. The variations in these are the same as that of butterflies and thus butterfly tattoos. Each pattern closely mirrors not just the creature it recreates but also the depth of the human spirit.

There are many considerations, which can be the basis of associating butterfly tattoos to the idea and value of the human spirit. Setting aside the creations of certain societies and religions, almost everyone has an idea about the soul. The universality of this idea gave rise to the symbolism behind butterfly tattoos. Insight from a careful observation of the life of a butterfly supports this. Its magical change from a crawling thing into a beautiful flying creature is similar to the transcendence of the soul that everyone aspires for. Individuals who believe in this usually have this tattoo.

In many cases people opt for the butterfly tattoo since they believe in the exodus of their spirit from the time of birth to their eventual destiny. In the idea of certain Oriental beliefs, the human spirit is meant to go through the tangible world and find enrichment and the attainment of its purpose. This is mirrored by the pupa evolving into a butterfly.

Butterfly Tattoos - How To Find The Perfect Design

Butterfly tattoos are growing in popularity all the time and are one of the designs most commonly requested by women. And it's not surprising. Butterflies are beautiful to look at and these designs carry a rich symbolism due to the short yet amazing life of these creatures. And due to the vast range of colors and species available, there's no reason why your tattoo shouldn't be absolutely unique to you.

There are almost 25,000 different types of butterfly and they range in size from an eighth of an inch across to a massive twelve inches in diameter. And then of course there's the color to consider. Many butterflies display the most beautiful range of bright and vibrant colors imaginable.

There are four main stages in the life of this amazing creature. They begin life as an egg, which turns into a caterpillar. At this stage (the pupa stage) they make a chrysalis or cocoon from which they emerge as an adult butterfly.

It's this transformation from an unspectacular caterpillar into a graceful and glorious butterfly that inspired the mythical Greek character called Psych who had the wings of a butterfly. Psych is the Greek word for both butterfly and the soul, hence the deep symbolic meaning of the butterfly tattoo. Many ancient people believed that the amazing transformation of the butterfly was similar to the soul's journey from an earthly body to a spiritual body.

However, despite this long chain of transformations, the final part of their lifespan (as an adult butterfly once it emerges from the pupa state) lasts only two weeks. This brief yet colorful contribution to life has been taken to represent the fragile nature of human life. Perhaps that's part of the appeal of butterfly tattoos.

But due to the vast number of choices available it can be incredibly difficult to find the right butterfly tattoo design. It's often said that finding the right design is as much an art in itself as the actual creation of the tattoo. So here are a few things to bear in mind when searching for your butterfly tattoo.

1) Start by working out why you want this tattoo. What do you want it to represent? This knowledge will help to influence and shape the look of the tattoo when it comes to selecting a final design.

2) Work out what type of butterfly design you want. What type of butterfly? What colors? What size? What style? Where will it be located on your body? Once you have a rough idea of what you want, you'll find it much easier to narrow down your options.

3) Start looking through tattoo designs and pick out a few that you like best. At this stage you don't have to like the whole design. Just take a note of all the designs that contain an element or a style that you like. These ideas will all contribute to settling on the final tattoo design. The internet is a great tool to help find tattoo designs. It allows you to look at a large number of designs and pictures of completed tattoos in a short space of time. This will help you to narrow down that sort of thing that you want. You may even be able to find a reputable tattoo artist if you don't already have one.

4) If you can't find a design that's exactly what you want, try sketching a picture of the type of design that you want. And if your artwork isn't that good, do your best and then get an artist or an artistic friend to draw what you describe. These drawings will be useful later on, because even if you find a design that you like, you can use your own drawings to add your own unique touch to the final design.